Planting Points

December 23, 2012

By Daniela Yankelevitch Special Thanks to Kevin Shaw at Hay Hill Garden Market Green thumb or no green thumb, it’s tough to garden during the colder months. Keeping houseplants is a great way to surround yourself with nature, brighten the atmosphere in a room, and make the air in your home healthier. These are some […]

Preserving your Bounty

November 1, 2011

By William Thrift Despite the summer heat, you’ve done all the right things.  You weeded.  You fertilized.  You discouraged (or killed) pests.  You dragged out the hose and soaked everything before the temperature reached triple digits.  Then your happy plants rewarded you with fruits and veggies.  You ate all you could.  You gave away sacks […]

Planting Points – Diversions From The Summer Grind

August 9, 2011

By William Thrift For most gardeners, summer mornings are spent on the Sisyphean tasks of eradicating weeds that have grown up overnight, battling insects with all weapons at your disposal, and then dousing everything with water to keep your precious plants from succumbing to the sun god. When you come back inside to that refreshing […]

Planting Points: The Living Wreath

November 22, 2010

By William Thrift  |  Photography by Lisa Willson Masterful Demonstration by Rebekah Cline It wasn’t easy trying to imagine a crisp winter day when Rebekah Cline of Rebekah’s Garden demonstrated the art of planting a wreath. On a typical September Saturday in Columbia, the air was still, the humidity was up, and the temperature hovered […]

Planting Points for Autumn

September 14, 2010

By William Thrift Photography by Lisa Willson Special Thanks to Rebekah Cline at Rebekah’s Garden, Rob and Josh at Case Plants, and Joan Binns of the South Carolina Midlands Master Gardeners Association. Just because the air’s getting chillier, it doesn’t mean that a gardener’s work is over for the year.  While many people trade their […]

What Have You Done For Your Trees Lately?

June 14, 2010

By William Thrift Thanks to Chris Freeman and Blake Roddy, certified arborists with Sox & Freeman. Trees, like most other plants, typically go through a growth phase in the spring after being relatively dormant through the winter.  The tree puts another ring on its trunk, a sign that it has thrived another year.  With the […]