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Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action ™

August 11, 2011

EdVenture, always a treat for the young and the young at heart, has an exciting exhibit that will run through September 11, 2011. Featuring the theme of action adventures that are popular in children’s books and movies, Run! Jump! Fly! Adventure in Action™ inspires young people to get physically active. The exhibit invites visitors to […]

Planting Points – Diversions From The Summer Grind

August 9, 2011

By William Thrift For most gardeners, summer mornings are spent on the Sisyphean tasks of eradicating weeds that have grown up overnight, battling insects with all weapons at your disposal, and then dousing everything with water to keep your precious plants from succumbing to the sun god. When you come back inside to that refreshing […]

Cityscape Makes Fertile Ground

August 2, 2011

By Sam Morton Photography by John Wrightenberry The Rosewood Drive area of Columbia is in the midst of a renaissance, anchored by the Rosewood Hills community on its southern end, Publix in the middle, and The Preserve, a gated community of luxury homes, to the north. The latest, and brightest, jewel in the district’s crown […]