Profile Of A Custom Job: Rosetta Hunter’s Kitchen

April 1, 2011
By William Thrift
Photography by John Wrightenberry

The workspace is configured in a very convient J-shape.

After retiring in Asheville, Rosetta and Harry Hunter decided to get back to their roots and downsize along the way.  While searching for the right house around Columbia, a cousin living in Spring Valley introduced them to a section of the neighborhood being built near the Two Notch entrance.  They fell in love and bought one of the new patio homes. 


For a while, Rosetta made do in the kitchen’s narrow corridor with it’s stock white cabinets, countertops, and appliances.  But eventually she wanted something that better fit her style.  She loves to bake and entertain friends and family and the kitchen’s arrangement only enabled her to do one or the other.

Glass in the cabinet door defines the kitchen space and accents the cherry cabinetry.

While reviving activities at College Place Methodist in Eau Claire where she grew up, Rosetta met Doug Williams’ in-laws through the church’s leisure club.  They told her that their son-in-law did some woodworking.

So Rosetta called him.  She had a rough idea of what she wanted: easily accessible cabinets and a workstation where she could make cookies, bread, and cakes without having her back to family and friends.  Doug and Steve began the process of discussing her specific needs and tastes in décor.  They assessed the kitchen’s layout and measured spaces, making suggestions that they thought would enhance Rosetta’s design.


The multi-level granite counters add interesting dimensions to the space.

They moved the refrigerator to an adjacent wall and installed a pantry cabinet with pull-out shelving.  The central island was removed and a raised bar was added overlooking the breakfast area and patio doors.  Finally, a workstation was added to the end of the bar creating a J-shaped counter nook where Rosetta could prepare her baked goods.

Details make all the difference.  Doug and Steve added a set of cabinet drawers on the outside of the bar to utilize the dead space created when Rosetta’s workstation was added.  Decorative glass was added to select upper cabinet doors to further define the kitchen space and accent the cherry cabinetry.  All edges were sanded to soften the overall look of the cabinets (as well as making them safer to use).  Shelves were installed beside Rosetta’s workstation to hold her recipe books and other items she frequently uses.  With her input, Doug and Steve custom-created all of the molding.


Custom-built cabinets offer many options, such as the pull out shelving this photo.

LED lighting under the cabinets gives an interesting reflection to the counters.

Rosetta wasn’t done there.  Doug and Steve’s cabinets and design are a major part of her kitchen upgrade, but there were a few more things she wanted.  Rosetta upgraded her range to include a convection oven – a must for any serious baker.  She picked out ivory chiffon granite for the counter tops (a perfect match to the stained cherry cabinets and ceramic tile floor), and she found slim LED light strips for under-the-counter illumination.  Finally, a plumber installed a new sink and faucet to make the kitchen functional.

The cabinetry is stamped with the Spring Hill Woodworking logo.

With Doug and Steve’s help, she’d gotten down to one of the final aspects – picking just the right tile for her backsplash.  But with the arrival of the holiday season, that didn’t stop her from breaking in the new cabinets, counters and appliances.  Before the renovation, one of the constraints that she gave to Doug was that she needed a working kitchen in time for Thanksgiving.  So Rosetta thought it was especially nice for Doug to call on Thanksgiving Day to make sure that everything was going well with the kitchen built just for her!


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