Spring 2010

April 7, 2010

Cover Story

Columbia Cooks –

Rosso Trattoria Italia

Kristian Niemi has created a combination of ambient surroundings and fire-roasted fare for Columbia dinners.  The dramatic cover photo is a close-up of one of the modern lighting fixtures used to disperse light, causing rich red walls to glow like the fires in the kitchen.


The Passion of Julian King

a love of antique textiles led Juliana to a niche market for unique pillows

A Glimpse of Gardens Gone

Columbia’s history of beautiful gardens

A Chef’s Kitchen

Brian Duckes and his wife create an everyday kitchen for a busy family

A Place to Crash

University of South Carolina studens are offered a variety of housing opportunities

Columbia’s Good Life

  • Spring Time at the Garden Festival
  • Spring nTime in Columbia’s HJistoric District
  • Central Carolina Food and Wife Festival
  • Earlewood’s Centennial Celebration
  • Urban Tour
  • 2010 Main Street Marketplace
  • Imperial Spendor: Renaissance Tapestries from Vienna


  • Staff
  • Planting Points
  • Artist Notes
  • Wine Corner
  • Advertiser Index
Columbia Home and Garden Spring 2010 Cover

Spring 2010 Issue

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