Summer 2010 Backorder

Summer 2010 Backorder

Summer has hit us this year and it is hotter than ever. Our Summer 2010 Issue is equally hot with great ways to stay cool, and many interesting articles from tree care to saving money on energy efficient steps you may not have thought of.

Cover Story

How do you design a kitchen for an historic home that is filled with an eclectic blend of art and unusual antique furniture? You find a unique artist to help with the design.


Pools, Plants & Pleasure

Create an at-home landscape oasis with the pool as a focal point.

Dollars & Sense – How to Make Your Home Energy Smart

Going green not only helps our planet but also protects the wallet.

The Houseboat Experience

Several local boat owners take their enjoyment of Lake Murray to the next level.

Columbia Cooks

The Gourmet Shop – Columbia’s Moveable Feast

The go-to place in Five Points for the at-home gourmet. Their staff creates an elegant yet simple picnic.

Columbia’s Good Life

  • Great Ceramics at the Columbia Museum of Art
  • Historic Columbia Offers Great Summer Staycations
  • Blue Man Group – Making Waves
  • Blooming Butterflies
  • 2010 Historic Columbia Preservation Awards Recipient – Moon Residence
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