Columbia Home & Garden magazine serves the greater Columbia, SC area. The publication, through its articles, photography, and advertising, presents a wide array of services, resources, and products available to Columbia-area homeowners in an entertaining and stylish manner. Printed on glossy paper, the magazine is published quarterly by CarterTodd & Associates, Inc.

The magazine showcases homes, gardens, people, lifestyles, and other information about the greater Columbia, SC area. Advertisers are offered an excellent opportunity to promote their businesses alongside interesting and engaging articles. As an added bonus, advertisers receive a link on Columbia Home & Garden websites, columbiaHG.com and ColumbiaHomeAndGarden.com. In addition, customers may go directly to the Advertiser Directory by clicking on columbia4sale.com.


We are committed to editorial excellence and superior design standards. We strive to engage the reader with well-written content illustrated with high-quality photography that entertains and captures the reader’s interest. We attract an active, educated, and upscale audience of readers who are most likely to be interested in homes, gardens, lifestyles, and other facets of life in the Greater Columbia area. Your advertising message plays to a ready, willing, and able audience of consumers. 


“The technical quality of Columbia Home & Garden is stunning!”

“. . .an upscale breath of fresh air.”

“We absolutely love the layout and narrative.”

“The photography is the highest of quality.”

“The writing is rich and insightful.”

“Striking covers. . .”

“I was blown away by the quality.”

“The style reminds you of what you’d expect from Madison Avenue.”

“Have you read the articles? The writing is way above the level you see in local publications.”