Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action ™

August 11, 2011

In Kung Fu Forest, the three principles of strength, peace, and respect are demonstrated.

EdVenture, always a treat for the young and the young at heart, has an exciting exhibit that will run through September 11, 2011. Featuring the theme of action adventures that are popular in children’s books and movies, Run! Jump! Fly! Adventure in Action™ inspires young people to get physically active. The exhibit invites visitors to jump into “Action Star Training”—playful activities that kids can do in and around the home to build strength, coordination, balance, and endurance. Visitors can climb a canyon wall, balance on a surfboard, pedal “flycycles” and practice kung fu stances. As visitors move through the exhibit having fun with physical activity, they gain ideas for how they can become more active in everyday life.


The Strength Center is part of Action Star Training.

Surfing and Snowboarding (Balance): Choose one of four balance boards and see how long you stay on for the ride! A motion sensor triggers a two-minute video sequence that takes riders through pine trees and past lakes as they snowboard down a mountain and then off the edge of a cliff before landing as surfers in the ocean.

Kung Fu Forest (Coordination): Enter a clearing in a bamboo forest and begin a kung fu session with a bow to show the three principles of kung fu: strength, peace, and respect. Three lantern posts display instructional images of kung fu animal stances – still, “ready” positions inspired by the rooster, the snake, and the tiger.


Climbing Canyon (Strength): A trailhead marker introduces four different trails: the Toddler Trail, Beginners’ Bend, Rugged Ridge, and the Extreme Expanse. Traverse the trails to safely explore a cave holding a hidden treasure.

At the Climbing Canyon, participants follow trails to the treasure.

Flycycle Sky (Endurance): Merge your imagination with physical activity by strapping on a bike helmet and climbing on a flycycle! These stationary bikes with wings or propellers each face a cloud-shaped panel. For every few rotation of the wheels, a star lights up in the sky!

Action Star Training (Balance, Strength, Coordination, Cardiovascular, and Muscular Endurance): The action star training center will challenge your body through simple activities that you can do at home. At the Yoga Station, try out the tree pose and the cat stretch! At the Strength Center, try out the monkey bars, leg presses, self-weighted rowers, and adaptive chin-ups. In the Dance Club, increase your heart rate by going freestyle or follow the dancer on the screen.




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