Cowboy Cut Ribeye

December 30, 2010

New York Butcher Shoppe & Grille Kacey shares Eddie’s passion for the high-quality of Certified Angus Beef, which he reminds us is a brand of exclusively rated beef, not to be confused with the species of Angus cattle.  Naturally, when asked to suggest some recipes for the home chef, Kacey turned to his menu for a blend of unique and hearty dishes.  Here’s one of those dishes.

Serves one
  • 1 20oz Certified Angus Beef Bone-in Ribeye
  • House Montreal Seasoning (or your favorite beef rub)
  • 1 Oz Drawn butter
  1. Apply rub liberally to steak
  2. Grill at high temperature to mark the meat
  3. Finish in a regular oven at maximum temperature (use a meat thermometer to measure the desired internal temperature)
  4. Ladle cooked steak with butter
  5. Garnish with a sprig of fresh herb such as rosemary or thyme

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